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I am in love with these and thought I’d share. When something resonates, it simply does. Art purchases or acquisitions aren’t stock certificates, they are what speaks to our souls. Those type of experiences enrich our lives and since we can’t take it with us, it’s kinda a big deal.

Sometimes these art fairs and galleries hit the nail on the head – sometimes they don’t. I’m totally loving the color and lightness of being – even the heavy parts feel light. Check this out….

Inspiration from Miami 

Find your love and your visual inspiration that enriches your life. Not because the artist is valued at X, but because it makes a difference to you.


Fearlessness. It’s a something I’ve been thinking about a lot these days. Webster’s Dictionary shows fearlessness as a synonym of bravery and courage. But, ironically, fearlessness doesn’t equal bravery or courage. It turns out, without fear, courage and bravery don’t exist. Funny, huh?

So what is fearlessness? As an artist, does one need to be fearless to truly create? If so, is then fearlessness a goal? Maybe not.

In the last few weeks, I have witnessed examples of bravery and courage that have not only helped put a little more starch in my backbone, they’ve helped understand the value of living more courageously. Watching someone I love go through hardships and choose not to surrender was certainly a show of strength. Not giving up even though fear was breathing down his neck, butterflies set up permanent residence in his gut and defeats were racking up one after the next… that all began to suspiciously look like fearlessness. It wasn’t. I watched him stop, wipe away tears, take inventory and decide to continue on. That takes courage.

“Fall seven times, stand up eight.”
Chinese Proverb


With that, (taking blows, taking bows and leading by example), this is a brief note of gratitude to two men in my life, my Son and the Love-of-my-Eternity. They continue to inspire me with their own quiet examples of personal bravery and courage. They aren’t, as many might think, fearless. They are courageous. Now that’s a goal.

Fear be damned.

Award-winning filmmaker Nettie Wild’s cinematic art installation, ‘Uninterrupted’, screens nightly under the Cambie Street bridge. — Anthony Diehl photo

Unexpected gifts are often times the best gifts. Canadian Thanksgiving was a treat in that what followed were moments of unexpected gifts.

As a painter, I have “never been so good with the words” (insert surprised face here.) So I’ll do my best. Have you been to Vancouver BC lately? And if not, why not? I couldn’t answer that question either. As a Seattleite, I have no excuse. It’s been considerably longer than a couple decades since my last visit North. Luckily for us, after our loved ones moved North, we had new reasons to open our eyes/hearts to Vancouver. We strolled together on the “Seawall” along False Creek, taking in what nearly felt like an apres-ski scene filled with happy Canadians in the sun. Dogs nearly smiling and tails wagging everywhere. Standing in the sunshine, closing my eyes, taking deep breaths of the cool, crisp air made me happy to be alive. And then I realized, it’s probably not so smart to be doing that with two wonderful doggies on leashes both heading toward opposite greenery – splitting my arms into what may have looked like a bad, modern sculpture of the gymnast move “the Iron Cross” not with iron rings but with nylon dog leashes.

Moving on. Vancouver’s skyline! Their crisp, clean lines and playful twists in architecture, landscaping, even the bloody parking garages are gorgeous. How. How? Winding walkways and thoughtful areas encourage community engagement in a way I’ve not seen in a city neighborhood. It was something. Maybe it’s me. Maybe the Seattle Freeze is a thing. And yes, it freaked me out when someone would just come talk to me. One woman asked me a question about my canine entourage, I answered, she said “wow, that’s so great – I love you already”. What?! Excuse me? How funny. Interaction in public spaces. (Burke-Gilman compadres, be inspired, talk to people, it’s actually quite pleasant.)

Coming back to the most important parts, experiencing life and art with loved ones. A brilliant gift, for sure. Seeing a dad hug his daughter, a husband and wife lovingly laugh together, belated birthday celebrations, canine pals playing and having fun, a cooking show that was totally live – simply enjoying the mix of it. A personalized art gift was even brought back for family all the way from Tanzania. It is just one of the best feelings when you know someone was thinking about you as they traveled so far away.

This first-ever Canadian Thanksgiving had place settings to let everyone at the table know this was going to be special. We walked together along the water, we joked and shared ‘stuff’ on while it’s all great that we’re all busy and full throttle — but the key to it all is good health. Canadian Thanksgiving. Who knew.

Oh yes – the art – particularly the public art installations around False Creek were fantastic and contributed to the beauty. After walking about and seeing more art installations, we learned about some of the installations we recently missed.

Catch some inspiration here:

All in a little over 24 hours? What an unexpected gift.