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This is the beginning of something new. I can feel it and it’s good.

There’s been a gestation period of sorts and it feels like the next chapter is on the cusp. Inspired and ready, it feels good to look at the past with gratitude, to remember, to let go and to make room for the good that awaits.

How does love create such a lightness of being? What a gift. I appreciate these gifts more than ever. I’m so ready for this next season, it feels like lifetimes (with the anticipation of a kid counting down the days at the end of a school year – dreaming of sunny summer adventures). Summer 2018 is going to be like no other… I hope you feel it, too.

Photo by Jeff Fusco Photography. Courtesy of the Association of Public Art.

Early this morning before the coffee hit and my to-do list was prioritized, I was sitting in a bit of grey space. Then in walks Cai Guo-Qiang – with his lovely, engaging humanity and light. There is something very simple and very special about this that I cannot yet articulate. Perhaps it’s the way it makes me feel like a little kid seeing bright hues glowing and buzzing about in a warm evening sky? Maybe I have always loved fireflies and this connection to others in a simple evening promenade on wheels is like flying a kite on a windy day – it’s pretty simple and it’s pretty great. Or perhaps it’s the awe I find in the art of the human spirit venturing inward and outward making our experiences richer and more connected? I can’t tell you why. But thank goodness for it.

Fireflies will give new life to our parkway at night and a sense of civic joy and happiness,” said Penny Balkin Bach, executive director and chief curator of the Association for Public Art. And I’d bet it absolutely does.

“I haven’t grown up,” Cai said. “The lanterns are like the fireworks of my childhood. It’s an explosion that can never be put out.”

It was a full day for me and it started off early with inspiration. See what inspiration looks like with the whole story on Artsy. And many thanks to Cai Guo-Qiang for taking us from observers of joy to participants in it.