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Inspired By Bravery and Courage

Fearlessness. It’s a something I’ve been thinking about a lot these days. Webster’s Dictionary shows fearlessness as a synonym of bravery and courage. But, ironically, fearlessness doesn’t equal bravery or courage. It turns out, without fear, courage and bravery don’t exist. Funny, huh?

So what is fearlessness? As an artist, does one need to be fearless to truly create? If so, is then fearlessness a goal? Maybe not.

In the last few weeks, I have witnessed examples of bravery and courage that have not only helped put a little more starch in my backbone, they’ve helped understand the value of living more courageously. Watching someone I love go through hardships and choose not to surrender was certainly a show of strength. Not giving up even though fear was breathing down his neck, butterflies set up permanent residence in his gut and defeats were racking up one after the next… that all began to suspiciously look like fearlessness. It wasn’t. I watched him stop, wipe away tears, take inventory and decide to continue on. That takes courage.

“Fall seven times, stand up eight.”
Chinese Proverb


With that, (taking blows, taking bows and leading by example), this is a brief note of gratitude to two men in my life, my Son and the Love-of-my-Eternity. They continue to inspire me with their own quiet examples of personal bravery and courage. They aren’t, as many might think, fearless. They are courageous. Now that’s a goal.

Fear be damned.

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